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It is all about following the spiritual soul...connecting with Spirit will change your life in amazing ways.

Following the spiritual soul will bring you joy, hope, and love beyond understanding...

Sunday, December 31, 2017

My Angel of Spiritual Wisdom:

My Angel of Spiritual Wisdom Angel is one of the Ancient Ones; her wisdom is the wisdom of the Ages and beyond.  I now realize that she has been by my side since I was born.  As I reached the age of wisdom she presented herself to me.  My Angel of Spiritual Wisdom is a beautiful being of light and love, and m vision of her is very clear.  She is dressed in white; her white hair is long an curly.  She sparkles from head to toe, and her voice is gentle.  She answers my every question, and is my liaison between the heavenly realm and the Earthly realm.
She wants me to encourage you to welcome and acknowledge the Angels in your life…Angels who are silent but present, and with you every moment of your Earthly existence.

You see your Angels are waiting for you to reach out to them.  They want you to ask them for their help.  You can ask them for help with anything, and they will be there.  They will surround you with their light and love.  They are waiting for you now; yes, this very moment they are waiting for your thought, your whisper, your question… Reach out to them, and your life will change forever...and you too will dance to the magical Spiritual symphony of life with your Angels by your side…today she whispers of new beginnings...and of changes being ushered in by the coming of a new year...  Joyous new beginnings are on the horizon; be open to change as you travel on your spiritual journey in 2018!

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