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It is all about following the spiritual soul...connecting with Spirit will change your life in amazing ways.

Following the spiritual soul will bring you joy, hope, and love beyond understanding...

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Check out my new book!

Just published my new book, "Angelic Word Pictures: Food for your Spirit...Mini-Meditations to Inspire."
You are probably wondering how these inspirational word pictures came about, and just what a, “word picture” is. Let me explain. I am part of the Casa de Santa Maria healing energy network. The Casa de Santa Maria is located in San Luis, Colorado. It is a non-denominational healing center to connect with the Divine ( It is there that anyone can request prayers and long distance healing. Each week the members of the healing network receive information on who they will be praying for that week. There is one person who is in charge of assigning and sending out this list. One day out of the blue after receiving the list, I felt compelled to relay a message from the Angels to the person who sends the list. I’ve never been compelled to do this before. My angelic messages were always just for me… Amazingly, the messages that they gave me were in picture form. They send me a lovely picture, and then they help me to express what their beautiful pictures mean. My dear friend called them, “word pictures.” That is truly what they are, “word pictures” that were meant for both of us. At first I was reluctant to send the message to her, but the Angels were very insistent. Well, that is how the, “word pictures” began. Then, along the way I knew that I had to share them with you… These inspirational messages are written for you as a form of mini-meditations – food for thought – and a way to connect to the Angels and Spirit. They will inspire you, give you peace, put a smile on your face, and warm your heart… you will see for yourself the serendipitous nature and magic within these mini-meditations or messages as you choose just the right message at just the right time in your life to focus on. You will see that Spirit never disappoints…

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Just Published My New Book!


          I just finished publishing my new book, "A Little Book of Practical Wisdom for Caregivers."  This was a book that I started many years ago.  Every time I would get back to it to finish it; I just couldn't.  The memories of those days were just too painful.  I had started writing after my loving mother-in-law Anna Ezop had a stay in a nursing home.  We had thought that it would be for just a brief time; she was never able to return home, and her passing left my family heartbroken...

I wanted to help others who faced the same situation.  I wanted to write about how hard it was for us, and how much we loved her.  I wanted to dedicate the book to her memory...but it was so hard to put into words how heartbroken we were.  So, I'd put the draft aside, and move on to something else.    
          Then, this year the Angels nudged me to finish.  Well, they were really quite insistent.  I had been working on another book about the Angelic word pictures that I had received from the Angels.  I knew that they were right - now was the time to finish this little book.  And, that's just what I did, and in finishing this little book my heart was uplifted.  I had finally succeeded in writing our story, and dedicating it to Anna.  Joy filled my heart. 
          A wonderful thing happened that night after the book appeared on Amazon.  I was sound asleep when I heard a loud bang; like the closing of a door.  Then I heard the words, "Over here!"  I then saw in my mind's eye, Anna standing there holding a big sparkly red heart.  She was surrounded by butterflies.  She blew a kiss to me, and I saw her sisters standing behind her.  She whispered, "Thank you..."  I felt the love emanate from her and surround me.  I smiled, and slowly drifted off to sleep...  That beyond the veil experience will remain with me forever.  I know that the Angels were smiling that night too! 
          Angels surround me every day...ever present...sometimes silent...sometimes very insistent...always loving brilliant beings of light who are with us to help us in any way that they can.  I will now go back to finishing my Angel book knowing that their nudge was just what I needed.  Perhaps I needed to have that beyond the veil experience, perhaps I needed to know trust and believe just a little bit more in the existence of the unseen world... 



Sunday, January 7, 2018

 I awoke from a deep sleep last night, and I heard, "The greatest gifts are the gifts from the heart..."  It's not unusual for me to get ideas in the early morning hours; very often it is when the inspiration comes to me.  In fact the serendipitous reality of this happening this morning is in itself amazing...The day before I was texting one of my dear friends about a post she had been writing. She seemed unsatisfied with what she had put together.  I found myself telling her that very often my inspiration and ideas come to me out of the blue in the early morning hours...surely I told her Angels at work... I also mentioned to her that doing the creative things like writing give our spirits a voice, our thoughts come from our heart and soul... And, then sure enough out of the blue in the early morning hours the next day I heard, "The greatest gifts are the gifts from the heart..."  As I said, the serendipitous reality of my receiving those words this morning; a message not only for me but for my dear friend. And, I let her know that what she had written, the words that she was unsatisfied with were probably words from her heart, and that those words were a gift to all the people whose lives will be touched by the words written from her heart...

 And how fitting after this season of giving.  When we had been all wrapped up (no pun intended...) in the season of Christmas, to have the Angels remind me that it is gifts from the heart that are the greatest gifts of all.  They are the gifts that will be remembered throughout our lifetime, they are the gifts that matter, they are the gifts that touch us in amazing ways...

"The greatest gifts are the gifts from the heart..."  These are words for you to contemplate, words to think about as you go about your day. I'm sure you will be surprised at the thoughts and feelings that those words bring to light.  I'm sure you will find that they are not the expensive gifts that you may have received.  I'm sure you will discover that they were small gifts that touched your heart and soul.  Lovely gifts that were given at just the right time, gifts that made you smile, or laugh, or perhaps shed tears of joy... Perhaps, it was a small child's giggles and smiles that brought joy into your life.  Maybe it was the hug of a parent thanking you for all that you did for them.  And, maybe it was when you were the one who was able to comfort a stranger, or when you went out of your way to help a friend.  That look in their eyes, that smile on their face, or that kiss and hug as their way of thanking you that will stay with your forever... you now realize that was your gift from the heart...
Yes, "The greatest gifts are the gifts from the heart..."   

Monday, January 1, 2018

When Angels Entered my Life
An excerpt from my recent book, "Your Angels Surround You...Welcome Them Into Your Life."
I believe that we have all been fascinated with Angels at some point in our lives.  I remember as a little girl one of the few toys that I had was an Angel doll.  She had blond hair and small wings.  She was a Christmas Angel, a gift from Santa Claus.  She was one of the few toys Santa brought me that year.  How I cherished her.  I wonder now if the Angels were with me then; trying to get my attention.  “Hmmm…they had to have been with me; only I didn’t realize it.  Amazing, even then they were waiting for me to ask them into my life.”  As I write my Angels of Whimsy remind me of yet another childhood memory.  I whisper to myself, "I haven't thought about playing an Angel in the Sunday School Christmas Play in like forever... I mean it was probably over 64 years ago.  I must have been five or six years old."  I'm smiling now, such a beautiful memory.  My mother made my costume, and I remember the beautiful wings that I had.  They were made of cardboard and silver garland.  The silver garland also adorned my white gown, which was made out of a sheet.  I have a vivid memory of how  the garland scratched my neck, but I didn't let that bother me at all.  I felt so beautiful and special in that hand-made costume.  I remember the song that we sang was, "Away in a Manger."  I can even feel the cold air on my face, and hear the crunch of the snow under foot as we walked home from Church that snowy winter evening after the performance.  So many years ago, and yet the memory is as vivid as if it happened yesterday.  Do you think the Angels were with me then too?  Yes, they must have been with me...that makes the memory even more special and meaningful to me now...yes, they have always been by my side, just as they have always been by your side.  Silent but present, patiently waiting for us to reach out to them...
Life went on; I grew up, married, and had a family.  I hadn’t thought about Angels in a really long time.  However, that was beginning to change.  I couldn’t tell you why but, I remember longing to see an Angel.  Maybe I was influenced by a popular television show or a movie but I can remember that I would lie in bed and ask the Angels to appear; needless to say as hard as I tried – they did not appear.  That is until one night as I called out to them I saw three orbs of light come slowly down the hallway and into to our bedroom.  I was speechless, one at a time these orbs of light came down the hallway into the room, and then disappeared.  Did the Angels show themselves to me?  Was it my imagination?  I believe now that the Angels did show themselves to me.  I was ecstatic.  However, I kept that Angelic experience to myself.  It was such a special experience, and I didn’t want anyone to tell me that I was imagining things.  I didn’t want anyone to take the beauty of that night away from me…so I kept it hidden until now.
I knew that Angels existed, life went on and my thoughts of Angels were put aside.  The next time I saw an Angel would be a few years later.  We had a guest from Australia over for dinner, and we were taking her back to her hotel.  We traveled down a country road; I believe the speed limit there was 45 or 50 miles per hour.  My husband was driving, and I remember seeing a deer crossing in front of the car.  Surely, we were going to hit the deer, and traveling at that speed who knows what would or could happen.  There wasn’t time to even say anything.  I thought for sure that we were going to be in a terrible accident with that deer.  Then, to my surprise I saw an Angelic figure come up behind the deer and whisk it off the road.  No one else saw the figure, nor did they think the deer was that close to the car.  I knew differently, we had been saved from a terrible accident by an Angel.  I saw a white transparent Angelic figure, I know that I did, and that was my second Angelic encounter.
I was almost finished writing this chapter when out of the blue I thought of a third time when I had an Angelic encounter.  I didn’t immediately go back to my writing, and the thought kept popping up in my mind.  Surely the Angels are at work telling me not to forget.  They were even telling me where I had to fix what I had written…
The next encounter with an Angel began on a spring day while I was on my way to work.  I was going to a job that I wasn’t happy in.  Let me explain.  After the birth of my daughter, and staying home for a year and a half or so, I decided to get a part time job.  My intentions had been that after she was old enough that I would go back to my teaching career.  However, for now I just wanted a part time job.  That part time job turned into a full time job, which lasted for twenty years.  I loved being an Executive Assistant at a small industrial manufacturer.  We were like family.  But, after twenty years the company was sold to a competitor, and I moved on.  Now, I was at a job that just didn’t fit.  It wasn’t challenging enough, and I was very unhappy.  Each day as I went to work I prayed to God that I would find something more suitable; a job that would bring happiness into my life once again.
That spring day when I was driving to work something strange happened.  I had a rather long drive, and I went the same way every day.  On this day the landscape seemed more vibrant to me.  The colors of the budding trees and grass seemed really alive and the colors more brilliant than I had ever seen.  I was stopped at a light, and I felt a presence behind me.  That feeling just wouldn’t go away.  I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw who I felt was Archangel Michael.  I know that sounds rather unbelievable, but that is exactly what happened.  He was at least two or three stories tall, and I could clearly see his leather sandals, which laced up to his knees, as well as his dress and sword.  He had blond curly hair, and his wings were huge.  I was speechless.  The light changed and he was gone.  From that day forward I always watched for him in that same spot, but he never appeared to me again.
My husband and I always spoke of Michael, and felt that he was truly a protector of all mankind.  Why did he appear to me?  Why that day?  I believe that he was letting me know that I had nothing to worry about, and that things would turn out alright.
The area that I drove through seemed to have a special connection to the Angelic realm – at least it did for me.  One time as I drove through the area that was close to where I saw Archangel Michael, it suddenly began snowing.  The snow was falling down in only the block that I was on, and nowhere else.  Snow had not been forecasted for that day, and the sky was blue.  Yet, snow was falling at a fast pace.  As quickly as it had started it stopped.  It was beautiful, and I felt that it was yet another heavenly sign to reassure me that things would be alright.
So, when did my curiosity, my fascination with Angels really begin?  When did I take their presence in my life seriously?  Again, I can’t remember the exact moment.  I do know that it was much later in life.  It was when my life became much more difficult.  The Angels must have been waiting, knowing that eventually they would be needed.  It was life’s difficulties that led me to them.
As I think about that time in my life, it now it makes perfect sense to me.  I needed help, the challenges of my journey were becoming too much for me.  My husband of thirty-five years had died, and I was lost and alone.  Each day was a struggle.  I was in a dark place and I couldn’t get out.  I began questioning my reason for being.  I began questioning what life was all about.  I felt surely that I was missing something; there had to be more to life than mere existence.  It was then that I turned to God and the Angels for help.  I wanted to know all I could about death, heaven, and Angelic beings.  And, so our journey together began in earnest.  It began in the dark abyss of grief and despair.
I read everything I could about death, near death experiences, after death communications, heaven, Spirituality, and Angels.  Was I being directed by the Angels?  Were they helping me?  Did they have the answers that I needed?  Did they feel my pain?
I had to know that my husband was alright, and the Spiritual world opened up to me in amazing ways.  I know now that the Angels were with me; guiding me and protecting me.  My focus became centered on inspirational Spiritual writing.  I felt like I had found my reason for being.  Were the Angels at work?  Did they have a hand in giving my Spirit a voice?  Was it my Angels of Whimsy?  Yes, I think it was.  I think that they felt my heartache, and knew that they had to help me find my path in life.  What a glorious path it has become.
God led me to his Angels, and each day that passes my connection to these magnificent beings of light continues to grow.  They are Spiritual guides, and Spiritual teachers to me, and to all of mankind.
           The Angels are with you, all you have to do is welcome them into your life, and they will guide you.  They have been with you all along.  They have been waiting for you.  They will open up the Spiritual world to you if you let them, and your life will change in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.  You will know, trust, and believe in their existence.
They can and will help you in all things.  They can take away your sadness, and carry your burdens if you ask them to.  They will bring you hope and joy!  They will wrap their loving arms around you, and surround you with their love.  Believe me, your life will be changed forever…your life will be filled with countless Angel blessings… Begin your dance to the magical Spiritual symphony of life with your Angels by your side…So reach out to them now; at this very moment.  Ask them to enter your life, and feel their love surround you... Listen for their soft whisper, and look for all of the serendipitous and magical things that will begin happening to you.  I promise you that you will be amazed, you will be filled with joy, hope, and everlasting love...