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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Just Published My New Book!


          I just finished publishing my new book, "A Little Book of Practical Wisdom for Caregivers."  This was a book that I started many years ago.  Every time I would get back to it to finish it; I just couldn't.  The memories of those days were just too painful.  I had started writing after my loving mother-in-law Anna Ezop had a stay in a nursing home.  We had thought that it would be for just a brief time; she was never able to return home, and her passing left my family heartbroken...

I wanted to help others who faced the same situation.  I wanted to write about how hard it was for us, and how much we loved her.  I wanted to dedicate the book to her memory...but it was so hard to put into words how heartbroken we were.  So, I'd put the draft aside, and move on to something else.    
          Then, this year the Angels nudged me to finish.  Well, they were really quite insistent.  I had been working on another book about the Angelic word pictures that I had received from the Angels.  I knew that they were right - now was the time to finish this little book.  And, that's just what I did, and in finishing this little book my heart was uplifted.  I had finally succeeded in writing our story, and dedicating it to Anna.  Joy filled my heart. 
          A wonderful thing happened that night after the book appeared on Amazon.  I was sound asleep when I heard a loud bang; like the closing of a door.  Then I heard the words, "Over here!"  I then saw in my mind's eye, Anna standing there holding a big sparkly red heart.  She was surrounded by butterflies.  She blew a kiss to me, and I saw her sisters standing behind her.  She whispered, "Thank you..."  I felt the love emanate from her and surround me.  I smiled, and slowly drifted off to sleep...  That beyond the veil experience will remain with me forever.  I know that the Angels were smiling that night too! 
          Angels surround me every day...ever present...sometimes silent...sometimes very insistent...always loving brilliant beings of light who are with us to help us in any way that they can.  I will now go back to finishing my Angel book knowing that their nudge was just what I needed.  Perhaps I needed to have that beyond the veil experience, perhaps I needed to know trust and believe just a little bit more in the existence of the unseen world... 



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