Following The Spiritual Soul

It is all about following the spiritual soul...connecting with Spirit will change your life in amazing ways.

Following the spiritual soul will bring you joy, hope, and love beyond understanding...

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ebb and Flow of Spirit

This is going to be a brief post - however brief; spirit continues to nudge me to write about this.  A few days ago I chose a tarot card that mentioned "ebb and flow."  It was about how we must learn to go with the ebb and flow of life... the good times, the bad times, and the in between...  That stuck in my head; although it wasn't about life it was about spirit.  You see sometimes I feel that I have lost that spiritual connection.  It seems like I can go along and be so very connected to my Angels, to Spirit, and to my Guides and then suddenly they are silent...  So to apply ebb and flow to that thought makes perfect sense to me.  I now understand that there are quiet times; which are learning periods.  So, there is truly an ebb and flow to our spiritual growth and journey...

There will be times of deep connection, and times of quiet and contemplation.  Oh how I love the times of deep connection as they make my heart sing and bring joy to my life!  I must learn, as we all must, to also enjoy the quiet times, as those are also so very important because they help us immensely to grow in spirit.  I have vowed to embrace the quiet times with learning and contemplation, and look forward to the next connection with my Angels, Spirit, and Guides...

There is truly an ebb and flow to our spiritual growth - to our journey.... and the Angels are smiling now... whispering, "Yes..."

Sunday, February 18, 2018

My New Angel - Starlight

I had my mediumship class yesterday afternoon, and it was fantastic!  The class has some amazing people attending, and we are enjoying this adventure together.  We are doing practice exercises that help us connect to that other magnificent dimension - they can be quite emotional.  However, I am enjoying the journey, and feel that this is something that I was meant to do.  Perhaps just for myself... whether I will ever be able or care to do readings for others remains to be seen.  Right now I feel that it is to help me to grow spiritually - many lessons to be learned and spiritual growth are on the horizon.  Spirit truly is amazing... 

I'd like to share one example of this.  We are supposed to practice connecting and receiving messages.  One evening as I was working on connecting I asked if the Angels had anything for me; any message, any direction to give me.  I wasn't disappointed.  After a short time a picture popped into my mind.  All I could see was a hand reaching out to me, and an Angel presence who was dressed in a white robe with small golden bells around the bottom of her robe.  She had a sash around her waist which had a bigger golden bell on the end of the sash.  I had never seen this Angel before.  I wanted to see her face but I couldn't.  I wanted to know her name but I couldn't hear a name.  I stayed with this vision, concentrating on it and asking those questions.  Gradually her face appeared to me.  She had lovely straight black hair, and she wore a beautiful golden netting cap; which had rubies upon it.  She had piercing blue eyes, and I could feel her love.

As I continued to ask questions, she told me that she was the Angel who brought me to Earth, and she would be the Angel who would return me to the Heavenly Realm when the time came...  I understood and was amazed at seeing and hearing from her.  Although I did not have a name, I continued to concentrate and the name, "Starlight" popped in my head...  So, Starlight is in my life, and has been for a long time. 

Every time I think of her I smile inside and out.  She connects me to my inner-child, the whimsical part of me, the part of me that loves colors, the part of me that loves creating, and she brings me peace, hope, and love.

Try connecting with your Angels - you will not be disappointed - Angels Surround you!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Two Great Oracle Card Decks - Check Them Out :)

Here are two great oracle card decks that I've been using - very inspirational as well as creative and beautiful!  Following is a quote on how to use Collette's deck:  "Unlike other decks, where multiple cards can make up a reading, this one is designed to facilitate a dialogue between you and those in Spirit as you choose one card at a time to answer a question you have posed.  You can ask the question of a loved one who has crossed over, or your angel guides, or whatever light being or beings you wish to consult.  the answer will always be from a collective of loving allies - a "We" or "Us" - communicating to you through the All-Loving Consciousness that is Spirit, who unifies their voices into one."  I use these daily, and love them!

Another wonderful deck is Gabrielle's deck the artwork is fantastic and is done by Micaela Ezra; the artwork is inspirational in itself!  There are 52 cards.  "...offers spiritual guidance to help you find strength when you are down, synchronicity and support when you are lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy in all circumstances....Surrender to the guidance that the cards provide, practice patience and peace, and trust that the Universe has your back."

Check these decks out, and see if they resonate with you - I was attracted to them, and find them a great way to start my morning!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge

I mentioned the Mediumship Class in my previous post.  One exercise we did yesterday was to contact one of our Angels.  This was accomplished through a process of quieting your mind and going to your heart space to connect with Spirit. (This is just a brief explanation as the process is more involved than that, and too lengthy to go into here.)  The picture above, is a picture that I painted many years ago - when I first began my journey with the Angels.  She is my Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge.  She is one of the Ancient Ones, and she has always been with me.  During the class she is the Angel that came through, and her message to me was to put her picture above my desk where I do my writing.  So, right after the class I did just that - before she was in my dining room high above my hutch.  I put her there after I moved here two years ago.  I'd glance at her picture every now and then...  Now, with her picture over the desk that I write from I can definitely feel the change in atmosphere - I can feel her presence and her love.  And, I know that she will be helping me with my writing.  I am beginning another book, and I have been reaching out to the Angelic Realm for assistance... how appropriate for her to come through yesterday, and request that I put her picture here.  Always remember, Angels are those unseen yet present magnificent beings of light and love.  Spirit never disappoints!  I am looking forward to writing that book now more than ever; with the Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge by my side!

Smiles and Earth Angels

I'm taking a Mediumship class, and it is amazing.  It is being taught by Susan Sanderford, and I'm loving every minute of the class.  The reason I'm taking the class is to open myself to spiritual communication on a higher level. The class is also a confirmation of what I have personally been doing for several years now.  If you ever have the chance to take a class on Mediumship I encourage you to do will find your heart open up to Spirit, and you will know, trust, and believe in making your spiritual connection as you travel on your journey here on Earth...

When you make that spiritual connection it touches every part of your life.  For example:  during the week I kept hearing the word, "Smiles."  I also saw pictures in my mind's eye of children smiling, friends smiling, and strangers smiling.  And, I thought there's a message here, and what a beautiful message it is.  Smiles come from the heart, they come from a place of love and caring - yes, even from strangers.  Think of how you feel when someone smiles at you, with you, for you... it is a wonderful heartfelt feeling that surrounds and enfolds you.  It is the love in a simple smile that may make your day.

I find the smile from a stranger is a special gift from the Divine.  It is a gift that connects us heart to heart, and soul to soul.  It is a gift out of the blue, smiles are gifts of love.  Very often when a stranger smiles at me I think to myself...that this could be an Earth Angel...  Perhaps, a silly thought...but I truly believe in Earth Angels.  I believe that all of us at one time or another are Earth Angels.  It can be on those occasions when it calls for more than a smile.  It might be helping an elderly neighbor carry their groceries in the house.  It could be helping a stranger find their lost pet.  It could be helping someone pick up something that they have dropped.  Any act of kindness large or small makes you an Earth Angel.  From smiles to assistance - to caring - to listening - yes, any act of kindness...makes you an Earth Angel!  What a glorious thought!