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Following the spiritual soul will bring you joy, hope, and love beyond understanding...

Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge

I mentioned the Mediumship Class in my previous post.  One exercise we did yesterday was to contact one of our Angels.  This was accomplished through a process of quieting your mind and going to your heart space to connect with Spirit. (This is just a brief explanation as the process is more involved than that, and too lengthy to go into here.)  The picture above, is a picture that I painted many years ago - when I first began my journey with the Angels.  She is my Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge.  She is one of the Ancient Ones, and she has always been with me.  During the class she is the Angel that came through, and her message to me was to put her picture above my desk where I do my writing.  So, right after the class I did just that - before she was in my dining room high above my hutch.  I put her there after I moved here two years ago.  I'd glance at her picture every now and then...  Now, with her picture over the desk that I write from I can definitely feel the change in atmosphere - I can feel her presence and her love.  And, I know that she will be helping me with my writing.  I am beginning another book, and I have been reaching out to the Angelic Realm for assistance... how appropriate for her to come through yesterday, and request that I put her picture here.  Always remember, Angels are those unseen yet present magnificent beings of light and love.  Spirit never disappoints!  I am looking forward to writing that book now more than ever; with the Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge by my side!

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