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Sunday, February 18, 2018

My New Angel - Starlight

I had my mediumship class yesterday afternoon, and it was fantastic!  The class has some amazing people attending, and we are enjoying this adventure together.  We are doing practice exercises that help us connect to that other magnificent dimension - they can be quite emotional.  However, I am enjoying the journey, and feel that this is something that I was meant to do.  Perhaps just for myself... whether I will ever be able or care to do readings for others remains to be seen.  Right now I feel that it is to help me to grow spiritually - many lessons to be learned and spiritual growth are on the horizon.  Spirit truly is amazing... 

I'd like to share one example of this.  We are supposed to practice connecting and receiving messages.  One evening as I was working on connecting I asked if the Angels had anything for me; any message, any direction to give me.  I wasn't disappointed.  After a short time a picture popped into my mind.  All I could see was a hand reaching out to me, and an Angel presence who was dressed in a white robe with small golden bells around the bottom of her robe.  She had a sash around her waist which had a bigger golden bell on the end of the sash.  I had never seen this Angel before.  I wanted to see her face but I couldn't.  I wanted to know her name but I couldn't hear a name.  I stayed with this vision, concentrating on it and asking those questions.  Gradually her face appeared to me.  She had lovely straight black hair, and she wore a beautiful golden netting cap; which had rubies upon it.  She had piercing blue eyes, and I could feel her love.

As I continued to ask questions, she told me that she was the Angel who brought me to Earth, and she would be the Angel who would return me to the Heavenly Realm when the time came...  I understood and was amazed at seeing and hearing from her.  Although I did not have a name, I continued to concentrate and the name, "Starlight" popped in my head...  So, Starlight is in my life, and has been for a long time. 

Every time I think of her I smile inside and out.  She connects me to my inner-child, the whimsical part of me, the part of me that loves colors, the part of me that loves creating, and she brings me peace, hope, and love.

Try connecting with your Angels - you will not be disappointed - Angels Surround you!

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