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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Smiles and Earth Angels

I'm taking a Mediumship class, and it is amazing.  It is being taught by Susan Sanderford, and I'm loving every minute of the class.  The reason I'm taking the class is to open myself to spiritual communication on a higher level. The class is also a confirmation of what I have personally been doing for several years now.  If you ever have the chance to take a class on Mediumship I encourage you to do will find your heart open up to Spirit, and you will know, trust, and believe in making your spiritual connection as you travel on your journey here on Earth...

When you make that spiritual connection it touches every part of your life.  For example:  during the week I kept hearing the word, "Smiles."  I also saw pictures in my mind's eye of children smiling, friends smiling, and strangers smiling.  And, I thought there's a message here, and what a beautiful message it is.  Smiles come from the heart, they come from a place of love and caring - yes, even from strangers.  Think of how you feel when someone smiles at you, with you, for you... it is a wonderful heartfelt feeling that surrounds and enfolds you.  It is the love in a simple smile that may make your day.

I find the smile from a stranger is a special gift from the Divine.  It is a gift that connects us heart to heart, and soul to soul.  It is a gift out of the blue, smiles are gifts of love.  Very often when a stranger smiles at me I think to myself...that this could be an Earth Angel...  Perhaps, a silly thought...but I truly believe in Earth Angels.  I believe that all of us at one time or another are Earth Angels.  It can be on those occasions when it calls for more than a smile.  It might be helping an elderly neighbor carry their groceries in the house.  It could be helping a stranger find their lost pet.  It could be helping someone pick up something that they have dropped.  Any act of kindness large or small makes you an Earth Angel.  From smiles to assistance - to caring - to listening - yes, any act of kindness...makes you an Earth Angel!  What a glorious thought!  

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