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Sunday, April 29, 2018

I Can Feel the Garden Angels and Their Excitement

I can feel the Garden Angels and their excitement now that Spring is well on its way in the mid-west.  How excited they are with the coming warm weather and the awakening of the lovely flowering trees, the majestic oaks, the graceful weeping willows, and the grasses and wild flowers that dot the country side.  I can see them dancing; their long beautiful hair floating in the air as they move gently to the whisperings of the morning doves and robins who have returned from their winter hiatus. 

The Garden Angels are very special to me.  In my younger days I was an avid gardener.  It brought me such pleasure being close to nature and all its glory.  I loved spending the day in the garden, tending to the garden beds, listening to my fountain  and wind chimes as I worked.  Those days remain so very fresh in my memory.  But, life changes and now I am left with my memories...

I am much older now, and live in an apartment.  My garden consists of containers on my balcony deck.  However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying those flowers just as much as my garden.  I vow that someday I will once again have a beautiful flower garden and fountain.  Perhaps I won't physically be able to do as much as I did before in that beautiful garden that I have in my mind.  However, my plans include enlisting the help of a gardener.  I can see the Garden Angels smile and nod their heads as they whisper softly, "Yes, you shall have the garden of your dreams, and we will be there with you..." and, they dance on their hair flying gently in the soft wind, their beautiful sparkly gowns swirl as they dance.  And, I am filled with hope and wonder for the garden that will one day be mine.

You see Spring and the Garden Angels go hand in hand; if you are a gardener you understand.  I know you are filled with anticipation of the blossoms to come, I know that you are waiting in anticipation for the day you are working in your garden - close to the glories of nature and the wonder that fills your soul as you tend to your garden.  Remember to listen for your Garden Angels as they whisper to you.  See them in your mind's eye, and your spirit will be filled with their love, and your garden too will be filled with love, and blossoms for all to see and enjoy...

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