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Sunday, June 24, 2018

My Spirit has Awakened!

I have been experiencing a quiet period in my life; a time for reflection and a period of wondering where life is leading me.  I seem to have been in the doldrums as many changes take place in my work and personal life.  Changes to relationships, changes to my views of life in general.  Reflecting on my need to grow spiritually, and yet remaining in the same place day after day.  Yes, I guess it is the spiritual doldrums that have lasted longer than normal for me.  I've always experienced a time where my spiritual connection was quiet, dormant for a short time as I grew at a soul level...

And, now at this very moment it seems that I've come alive once again.  I welcome this feeling; which has been so long awaited.  Early this morning as I lay in bed contemplating my direction in life with my Angel of Wisdom, it all became very clear.  I have three areas of growth to concentrate on and learn.  The first and most important to me is learning more about healing energy and how to access that gift more fully.  It is a gift that we all have been given at birth.  The second area of growth that I want to concentrate on is accessing the energy of abundance, and understanding that will help me on the Earthly plane.  The third and most necessary area that I want to grow in is my spiritual connection to my Angels, Guides, and Family members who have crossed over.  Although, I feel that crossing over is not a good term, I feel that they are still very near to us, and by our sides every day.  Yes, I feel spiritually alive once again, and looking forward to wonderful days filled with light and love.  Days with Angel whispers and awe inspiring moments that I will cherish as they guide me on my next adventure with them.

I know that I now have a team of Angels who will help me in those areas.  I am thrilled and look forward to our journey together.  They will answer all my questions, and they will help me to grow in ways that are beyond my imagination.  Today marks a day of new beginnings, a day where I leave the spiritual doldrums behind and walk forward with great expectations!

I encourage you to reach out to your Angels and Guides.  Speak to them and hear their whisper... They are waiting for you...

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